Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gold & White Wedding Beauty

For my wedding 4 years ago, I asked my Bridesmaids to have their hair done in any chignon hairstyle of their choice. I thought this hairstyle was classic and elegant. My Flower Girls and Jr. Bridesmaid wore a braided hairstyle with a curly ponytail. Thanks to our stylists at a salon in Montclair, NJ  their hair looked fabulous! One thing I appreciated about the owner of the salon was that she was professional and sincere, but what was most important was that she had healthy hair. When a stylist has healthy hair, you know she will provide her clients with great hair care.We all met up at the salon around 7:30 a.m. that Saturday morning. It was great spending time with my girls. I was also there the night before with my Flower Girls and Jr. Bridesmaid. These are just a few of my girls:

After leaving the salon we were able to relax at my apartment for a few hours until the makeup artist arrived. HAIR + MAKEUP = GORGEOUS. And the girls surely looked GORGEOUS! 

I ordered babies breaths for my Flower Girls hair. 
There were quite few stems left after my Bridesmaids put them in the girls hair, so they collectively decided to put them in their own hair (with my permission of course ;)). 

Great Idea Ladies!

Photo Credits: Lamar Wedding Center

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gold & White Wedding Invitations

When I saw these invitations I knew I had to have them for my wedding. At the time I saw them they were over my budget. Luckily I joined the mailing list of the company that sold them. I received a promotional e-mail RIGHT ON TIME and ordered them RIGHT AWAY!

Signing up to receive specials and promotions can be annoying, especially when you receive e-mails all the time that might not pertain to all your wedding needs, but you might just fall on the RIGHT e-mail at the RIGHT time.

You can't get annoyed when you save money :)

Photo Credits: Lamar Wedding Center

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bridesmaids Bling!

This is one of our favorite necklace sets. This necklace set was given as a gift to my Bridesmaids. The girls looked so beautiful with this set. The necklace is adjustable and Plated in Sterling Silver. It went well with their Jordan Fashions gowns.

I love this candid shot of the girls taking photos with their digital camera!

It was a gift the girls could wear again, especially when they were used to attending a formal event almost every year.

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