Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bride Gets Spooked at Surprise Bachelorette Party

Brides be careful how you treat your bridesmaids because this just might happen to you!

With the assistance of the bride's cousin (also my cousin) the bridesmaids organized a surprise bachelorette party for their bride. The bridal party arrived at the hotel around 8:00 pm. They were expecting the bride to arrive around 10:00 pm, after her hair appointment. Things didn't go as planned and the bride ended up arriving after 1:00 am, the morning of her wedding. Though tired and restless the girls were determined to surprise the bride and do their prank.

A few days prior to the night before the wedding, the bride was quite upset that her bridesmaids made no mention of them throwing her a party, so of course she shared a few words with some of them. I guess she just assumed they didn't care or in her words "were wack."Even the groom made a few calls to me and her maid of honor to see if a party was going to be thrown. We assured him that everything was already planned and that she was in for a big surprise.

To teach the bride a lesson, the girls agreed to do a prank on her in the hotel room. To make a long story short we arrived at the hotel, me, the bride and two cousins and I made the call to the girls to let them know we arrived. I made it seem as if I was calling my husband to let him know I got to the hotel safe. We then went to straight to the hotel room.

Once we got to the room we put our bags down and told the bride to check the room out, but she found the bathroom and closet door unable to open (it was the bridesmaids holding on to the doorknob of the closet and locked in the bathroom)...this was all part of the plan.

So I decided to "go to the front desk" to let them know the doors couldn't open. One cousin left the room after I requested for someone to go downstairs with me. Our other cousin made "a call to the front desk" then left to room to "see what was taking us so long to come back." Now the bride was all alone with her bridesmaids ready to spook her.

From what the girls told me they flushed the toilet and jerked the doorknobs a few times. While all this was going on the Bride kept leaving and entering the room calling out our names. We were down the hall trying not to laugh too loud. This went on for a couple of minutes. You would think if you hear the toilet flush and the door being jerked you would run out the room and never return, but she kept going back inside. I don't know why it took so long for them to shout SURPRISE. I guess they really wanted to teach her a lesson. When we finally heard them scream surprise, we ran back to the room.

We laughed ourselves to tears, shared a toast and ate cake! She got the Bachelorette cake she really wanted from one of her favorite bakeries. She LOVES dulce de leche filling. This was definitely a Bachelorette Party to remember and one for the books!

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